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3/31/08 - Excellent Massage
A great massage! Willa did a great job of finding my problem areas and working them out. I was completely relaxed and at ease. My IT Band was incredibly tight until Willa worked all the kinks out of it.  ~ Sara

5/12/08 - Fantastic
Willa did a great job of working with my personal needs. She listened and responded with helpful information. I felt comfortable with Willa - she is very approachable and personable. I would definitely recommend Willa to others! Her massage technique is skilled and very knowledgeable.  ~ Chelci

5/27/08 - Works on Deep Tissue
Willa has a good understanding of how the body works and can adjust her massage techiques to fit each individual's needs. She is very good with deep tissue massage and easily identifies trigger points to provide customers with the best possible outcome from the massage experience.  ~ Gail

5/30/08 - Willa made me feel like butter!!
I have suffered from mid-back pain and tightness in my neck and shoulder area for over 5 yrs. I also have received my fair share of massages,needless to say I have found little or no relief through my previous massage sessions. Willa's massage session was much different, she seemed to really understand the make up of my body and exactly what my body needed work on. After the massage I literally felt "like butter". She was amazing, I would refer anyone who was looking for a CMT to Willa.  ~ Anita

6/12/08 - Awesome Experience - Overall
Overall, I had an awesome experience. I scheduled my appointment online, which was so easy. I wish everything could be that simple! Then, when I arrived, she was so personable and made me feel so comfortable. I’ve been to many CMT’s and have never felt this way. She really takes the extra step and cares about her clients. Then, of course, the deep tissue massage was great! She knew exactly how to relieve my knots of tension. I would definitely recommend her. Book online today!  ~ Jessica

6/30/08 - Wonderful ambiance, wonderful massage 
Scheduling on line is a breeze, and not only did I get a confirmation, I also got a reminder the day of. I love the atmosphere of the office and the massage room, so soothing and relaxing, Willa does chair massages where I work every few weeks so I already knew she was wonderful, and the body massage was the best! Thanks Willa I will be back.  ~ Michele

8/3/08 - Great Massage
Willa has a wonderful way of listening to the client and working her magic fingers into the right areas. She gave me the best massage I have ever had. I had immediate relief after the first massage. I had a very relaxing and comfortable time in her office. She is very personable. I'll be back since I got in on her July special for 4 massages. I would highly recommend Willa.  ~ Jean

10/4/08 - Awesome Massage... Awesome Massage Therapist
Willa is a very good massage therapist; she listens to what the client says and molds the massage session to the clients needs. I scheduled a 90 min massage and during the consultation I told Willa about a knee injury I had; my massage was relaxation as I had planned, but was also therapeutic and my knee pain was gone when the session was done. That is a sign of a true Massage THERAPIST! The on-line appt scheduling is fantastic and the reminder was an added bonus. I highly recommend Willa.  ~ Sue

10/13/08 - Very Talented - Great Massage
Willa is a great massage therapist. She's always able to find my knotty and ropey muscles and work them out. She's very professional and very considerate. I recommend Willa to all of my friends.  ~ Jilayne

10/23/08 - Willa is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend her!
She was kind and very helpful at working with me to resolve some of my back problems. I felt great the next day and could not wait to have her work on my back again.  ~ Heidi

10/28/08 - Willa is the best!
Willa will work out all of your issues and leave you feeling next to new. She is trustworthy, professional and talented. Willa has a gift! Don't waste another minute, call her today!  ~ Amy

11/11/08 - Talented hands!
Willa's strong hands know just what my neck needs. This was my 3rd massage with Willa and she has worked out many of my issues. I love the new location.  ~ Kar

11/11/08 - Willa is an angel
Willa is completely in tune; she finds the places where your body is "stuck" and works them out. She is truly empathic! A wonderful experience. I am glad I finally found my way to see her.  ~ Chris

11/23/08 - Great deep massage
My massage was very therapeutic. Willa was able to release some long term trouble spots in my neck and shoulders. I feel she is very intuitive regarding what areas require focus.  ~ Mary

1/8/09 - A healthy mind and body
When it comes to massages or any physical therapy. Inprovement starts with a healthy provider. Willa Gingery provides the components needed to start the steps to a healthy outcome. Nurturing, listening and communicating. "where the head goes, the body will follow.'  ~ Elton

4/23/09 - Very Knowledgeable
Willa seems to have a great grasp of the muscles and tissues and how they all tie together. I received a very relaxing deep tissue work out for 90 minutes. It could have been 180 minutes. I'll go back. Thanks Willa.  ~ Bruce

5/6/09 - Recommendation
I have had problems with my neck for quite a few years.  I had seen Willa a couple of times and it really helped.  When I saw Willa’s special to come each week for 8 weeks, you got two free massages, I figured that it would take most of the semester, so I decided to try it.   I couldn’t believe what a difference it made.  It came to a point where I could actually get a relaxation massage and not a work out the kinks so my pain would go away massage.  I recommend getting the weekly sessions, it has really improved the quality of my life.  I will be moving back home soon I only wish that I could take Willa with me.  ~ Kar

6/1/09 - Relief From Back Pain
I was very impressed with Willa's professionalism and knowledge.  I had been having lower back problems for several months.  I had gone for several chiropractic treatments which did not seem to help this time.  I had one hour long treatment from Willa and was impressed with the relief it gave me.  I will definitely go back!  ~ Connie

6/23/09 - Caring, Educated Massage Therapist
Willa is a wonderful massage therapist.  She cares about you as a person and helping relieve any pain you have.  I have had several short sessions and a one hour session.  I can't wait to go back for more longer sessions.  ~  Melani

7/6/09 - Willa is a dedicated Healer
Willa is helping me work through pain and stiffness in my lower body.  After two sessions I can feel my circulation has improved and I have less discomfort in my feet and legs.  ~  Susan

7/24/09 - Strong, but Sensitive
Willa has very strong hands and is able to work out any knots that may be in your shoulders or neck; yet, she is very sensitive to avoid putting on too much pressure to a tender spot.  She genuinely cares about helping people to feel better.  She's a gem!  ~  Heidi

9/23/09 - Relief after years of chronic pain
I am a cancer survivor and for years I've had pain around the surgery site.  Willa listened to me describe my pain.  She had sensitivity for my pain and toughness for the scar tissue that knots up my back.  I have already made my next appointment!  ~  DW

10/10/09 - Great Massage Therapist
I have been to many massage therapists over the years and Willa is the best ever!  I really appreciate how Willa takes the time at the beginning of each session to check in with me and see what is going on with me, both physically and emotionally.  I believe this is treating the whole person which is very important to me.  I don't always know how different things can effect my body and my body effects how I feel in all ways.  ~  Kay

10/13/09 - Top Notch
Willa has everything it takes for a quality massage that you can count on: knowledge paired with excellent strength and technique - and a devoted heart.  And her new place is very centrally-located and easy to access.  I would recommend her to anyone.  ~  T

10/18/09 - Excellent and Professional
Willa is very knowledgeable, well trained, and brings a wholistic approach to healing.  She goes over and beyond to help me, and I appreciate it.  Willa is caring, compassionate, and makes me feel important.  I've been seeing her for over a year now, and I've seen a great improvement with my body.  ~  Sarah

10/23/09 - Comes from her heart
Willa has given me some great massages.  She is professional, intuitive and strong.  Her work on personal development and her years of massage experience come through with her healing and relaxing touch.  Thank you!  I'll be giving the perfect gift this christmas... gift certificates for massage with Willa!  ~  Holly

11/4/09 - very good!
Willa has amazing hands and elbows and such that made all my aches and pains go away.. at least until I got sore again! =) She is also very friendly and good at talking about any subject! thank you!  ~  Orrin

11/18/09 - A very caring person
Willa's abililty is superlative.  Her techniques make the experience of relief and stress reduction worth every minute.  I believe the atmosphere is accented by the fact that Willa genuinely cares for your mind, body and soul.  ~  Mary

11/28/09 - Willa is a gem
Willa listens and works hard to ease your pain.  She is a kind and attentive professional and I will be returning to her.  I recommend her to anyone in search of an excellent massage therapist.  ~  Chris

12/21/09 - Can't wait for my next appointment
I really enjoyed all the time Willa spent with me before the massage just talking and getting to know me.  It really enhanced my experience and is probably what sold me on coming back for more.  ~  Gina

1/10/10 - Excellent knowledge, excellent technique
Willa listens to what is happening with my body and has a plan for what might help by the time she starts working on the problem areas.  She combines soothing and therapeutic techniques which have already helped an ongoing shoulder problem and makes me want to continue seeing her.  ~  Bonna


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